Drow Culture

Deceptive as a whole, it seems as if it comes more as a biological trait than through the rough living that is encouraged by the clergy and need to survive against their manipulative kin. The devotion to Ubus that most of the Drow give is out of the need to survive rather than pure piety. Few actually sing the praises of the goddess in full belief, most simply do it because it is forced into them at birth or they know of the consequences if tribute isn’t paid in full.

Since the Elves have left from Genoger some 300 arc ago, there has been resistances to the ideals that most of the Drow have upheld all across the world. Now there are factions of Drow and Half-Drow that live on the surface as well as the underground. They fight to make the Drow more acceptable in other societies, to keep themselves and their kin safe from other Drow, or to just fight them to atone for the sins of their ancestors. The reasons vary, yet it is now all too clear in the present times that the Drow are not nearly as strong and collectivist as they seemed to be so long ago.

In the order of Drow society, females are given more rights and males are seen as virtually second-class citizens. Females may pursuit whatever they wish to in this life, as long as they don’t upset their goddess or the wrong Drow female. Males, however, are limited due to the fact that they are seen as somewhat inferior. There is no real reason as to why they are viewed this way, except for the fact that they were created by a goddess and that females are able to give birth. There are small groups of males that cause strife within Zaldune to show that they are worthy of their goddess’s love by showing how dominant they can be within the hierarchy of the city. Outside of Zaldune and Alagong’st, Drow that dwell on the surface cannot enforce such a stigma without the great resources, power, and backing of those lands. Surface Drow are more in favor of a natural equality between them, not only so they can have stronger bonds to survive the surface, but to also change the stereotype of Drow for the better.

They are the second largest race in number on the Physical Realm.

Drow Culture

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