Native in Alagong’st and the Northern and Central mountain ranges of the Monster Continent. Driders are the first try of Ubus’ attempt at creating a race of beings. Her marred creations were not to her liking but useful to crafting the Drow to their form they would have. The Drow people believe that they were first and that the Driders were an abomination that angered Ubus, the goddess is fine with this as it causes her drow to be stronger as a whole and prefers they live over the Drider given the sole choice.

Few Driders actually revere Ubus, but most do fear her since they know the truth of their existence. They are often captured and used for slave labor by the Drow, most Driders are also used as entertainment by pitting other captured Driders against each other in fights to the death.

There is no really established civilization among them and whatever semblance of it they may possess they borrow from Drow society and technology. This is mostly in part to their lives being made difficult by the Drow and other monsters and creatures as well.

Creating a Drider:


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